About Me

My wife and I live in a small apartment in Asheville, North Carolina. (That's her on the left, I'm on the right.) I am 28, she is 25. I am a woman of many interests! I love helping people, art, interior design, crafts, thrift stores, museums, learning new things, shopping, and many many other things. We got married in March (well, not legally, but we don't care about that)!

We're both finally getting back into the workforce after several months of being unemployed, so money is tight and will be for a while yet until we get caught up on bills! Despite our financial troubles I feel I've been incredibly blessed in this short life of mine! I have amazing family and friends who stuck by me even when I came out as a lesbian, and many of them despite their own personal beliefs! I know many gays who have had much worse experiences. Jess and I have a love that few people are lucky enough to find. We try our best to never take that love for granted because we know how rare it is, and how easily it could be taken away.

This blog is my space to put to paper so to speak, the various craft and decorating ideas that swirl through my head and frequently keep me up at night.

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