To Do List

A working list of all the projects I intend to complete around my house, mostly for my own benefit so I can see everything in one place lol!

  • Cardboard Box Projects- Totally didn't turn out how I'd planned (see the details here), so I think I'll just do something similar to this when I'm ready to finish them
  • Dining Room Sideboard- I want a sideboard of some sort for extra storage in the kitchen/dining area. I'm hoping that when I'm ready to find one I'll be able to find an old one or dresser or something for super cheap
  • Dragon Lamp Makeover- Approx $10- Jess has an oil warmer/lamp in the shape of a dragon. I've never been particularly fond of it but she loves it (and we use the oil warmer pretty frequently) so I tolerate it. I want to paint it though! I think that'll make it slightly more appealing to me, plus I'm hoping it'll be pulled into the room decor more effectively instead of just sitting there.
  • Jewelry Storage Solution- Approx $30- I want to combine a few different methods I've seen on Pinterest and other craft/design blogs. I'm thinking about using a towel rack and some S-hooks for hanging necklaces, and a picture frame with the glass replaced with some metal sheeting from a hardware store for hanging earrings. Inspiration pictures here and here. Oh and I'll more than likely paint them all too
  • Lamp Makeover- Approx $30- Making over the old lamp my mom gave me, details are a secret (and also haven't been totally decided yet. Lol)!
  • Living Room Mirror- I want to either make or buy a large mirror to go over the EXPEDIT. Something approximately 24x48, turned longways and hung on the wall to help throw all the light from the sliding door over into the kitchen area too
  • Mail Organizer- I found an awesome wall shelf/cupboard at an antique shop (post soon to come, as soon I get batteries for my camera so I can take pictures of it) that I plan on painting and hanging by the front door
  • New Bed and Night Tables- Right now I'm loving the MANDAL Platform Storage Bed and MANDAL Headboard from Ikea (probably painted), but who knows what I will end up deciding on buying (or making!) by the time we are ready to get one.
  • New Entertainment Center- Done! See more about it here- Update: I do have plans to add some moulding around the top of it, just to give it a more custom look

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