Living Room Mood Board

So, here is my first actual mood board. Its loosely based around my current living room and what I would like for it to be, eventually.

1- Benjamin Moore- Barely Yellow- I wrestled a lot with this. I couldn't find a color I liked on-screen, so I finally just went with this and said screw it. Buuut I can't paint my living room anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter. The walls are already painted a warm off-white color, so its not horrible.

2- Benjamin Moore- Sweet Pea- This is the color I would choose for my accent wall, again IF I could paint my living room.

3- This is a picture of some art I already have (we LOVE art!), by a Malaysian artist named Puteri Noor. I bought a CD of over 700 images of her work for $15 off her Etsy shop (which is sadly now empty, as are all her other online shops and galleries that I could find). I took the CD to Wal-Mart and printed off the 9 works to put in a pre-matted collage frame that I had found previously at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $30. I realize the one on there is all weird and pixelly, so here's another:

I'm not sure if this has a name, or if any of her stuff has names. On the CD it was 'Dragon4'

All of our art means something to us. Mermaids are my thing, dragons are Jess'. The others we chose for the collage all represent some parts of us or our sisters.

4- This is a picture of a giclee print I have, that I bought from an artist named Susanna Shap on her Etsy shop. Its titled 'Apple of My Eye'. This was one of the few things I splurged on (in fact, I think its the only thing I've splurged on to date in this apt- we had plans to splurge on a piece of art Jess picked out, but she has since decided she doesn't like it enough to waste her splurge on). I paid $90 for the print itself (its 24x36), and I paid over $200 to have it professionally framed at Michael's (although in my defense, it was a huge sale; it would have been over $700 total otherwise, including the price of the print).

5- IKEA Besta Boas Entertainment Center- $159.00- I love this. Open spaces for the wife's xbox 360, which gets too hot in our current console with the doors closed. Drawers to store unsightly things like extra cords. What would I do with the current one? Ideally, I would sell it for a couple hundred bucks (I paid $400 for it) and put that money towards the credit card that it was bought with. But there's always the idea of donating it somewhere. Or posting it on Listia, where you get credits for auctioning things off, and you use those credits to buy other people's things.

6- IKEA Hol Side Table- $34.99- I will probably paint this, though what color I'm not sure. I think I'd have to wait and get it in the room before I decided.

7- Storage Ottoman by Coaster- $114.35 on Amazon- Free shipping, tax included. This is another semi-splurge. I could get a regular coffee table for much cheaper, but in a small room, storage space is key. Plus, you can flip the trays over and you have extra seating!

8- IKEA Lovas Sofabed- $279.00- If you couldn't tell from the ottoman, I love versatile furniture. And since our guest bedroom has been taken over by a 13 year old moody teenage boy (my brother-in-law, long story- suffice it to say, he'll be here until at least the end of the school year), I would love to have a bed instead of just a sofa for overnight guests to sleep.

9- Better Homes & Gardens Classic Caning Pillow- $11.97- Since I can't actually paint that accent wall, I want lots and lots of colorful pillows in various colors!

I'm still looking for a few affordable chairs, maybe a chaise or something. And I have a couple really old lamps that my mom gave me that I intend to paint, something really bright and cheery. But other than that, there you go, my whole living room for around $600 plus tax!

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