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Oh how I miss having Gimp! I can't wait to get either my or Jess' computer back from my uncle (both are currently not functional), so I can use it again. (I'm using The Boy's computer for now, he's grounded from it anyway, and he has almost no RAM, so even with only the essential programs, it runs super slow. That's a big part of why I haven't been posting as much, because I get soooo irritated with this computer!) A friend recommended Pixlr.com, because its very similar to Gimp, but all the work is done in your browser. I really want to do a new living room board, because my vision for the room has changed since I did the last one and I'd really like to get it all put together in one place other than my head. But I'm having trouble learning Pixlr, so it looks like the new board isn't going to happen, at least not anytime soon. Not until I learn Pixlr better, or until we get one of our computers back.

But at least you have another Feature Friday to look forward to! The post is all typed and ready to post, and I am already typing up posts for next month as well. I have some wonderful artisans lined up, as well as some fantastic discounts and giveaways! Its booking up quicker than I ever would have imagined, I will be booked solid through the summer before long!

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