More things I can't wait to do!

I'm going to jump on the trendy bandwagon: apothecary jars! Homemade. From a candle pillar and hurricane glass. I'm sure you've all seen these by now, so I won't bore you with the monotonous details. I haven't decided what I'll put in them yet, but I'm thinking the taller the better. I first saw them through a Pinterest post from Ali over at Found in the "Ali", that is one of her pictures to the right.

Next up is a rug/mat for my kitchen. Made with those foam puzzle piece thingies for kids (left). Inspired by Shannon's post over at Shannon Berry Design Blog. She didn't make any of her own, just posted about some of her blogger friends that did. This one is my favorite (right), done by Sarah of sarah.wandering.

She painted that freehand! I wish I had talent like that

Last on today's post of can't-waits is some awesome hanging baskets for my upstairs bathroom! This inspiration comes from Lorie over at Be Different... Act Normal. Its a very small bathroom, so I can use all the extra storage space I can get. I had been planning to (eventually) buy one of those iron over-the-toilet shelves, but then I saw this. And if this works out, I will more than likely do this instead! Its a dollar store craft, so assuming my local dollar store carries everything I'll need, I'll come out much cheaper than the $30 iron shelf I had previously picked out.

That's it for now folks, I will be sure to post pictures of any and all projects I do! Keep dreaming dreamers!

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