The Newest Thing I'm Drooling Over (Cuz If You Know Me, You Know It Changes Fairly Often)

Atherton Home Manhattan Convertible Futon Sofabed and Lounger in Chocolate, $299 at Walmart.com

This beauty is the new love of my (living room) life. Its $299 at Walmart.com (which means free shipping if I pick it up at the store!). Normally, I'm skeptical as hell about Walmart furniture. I've some bad experiences before (well ok, one dresser- but I will never buy furniture from South Shore again, no matter how gorgeous it is in the pictures- that's how bad that one dresser was). On top of being a sofa and a bed, it has the added versatility of being a lounger. Allow me to demonstrate:

Are you in love yet? Its a sofa, bed, and chaise all in one! Jess and I love to cuddle up together (which may be partially why the recliner got broken...), lay back and watch a movie or whatever tv show we are currently burning through on Netflix (atm, Grey's Anatomy). I can so see myself having 2 of these in my living room in place of any other sofas or chairs. Plus there'd be double the sleeping space for overnight guests!

I also checked out the reviews, because of my aforementioned skepticality (is that a word? Spellcheck says not) on Walmart furniture. The reviews on it are stellar. Its got 4 stars from over 600 reviews, which by Walmart standards is pretty amazing. 88% of people said they'd recommend it to a friend.

I'm totally replacing the Ikea sofabed on my living room mood board with this one! For $20 more, I get SO much more.

Thoughts? Anyone have one or know someone who has one?

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