The Wonders a Simple Coat of Paint Can Do

I am currently working on a small painting project that I'm excited about, its my first since I started this blog! It won't be ready in time to post tonight, so here's another post I've been working on instead. Details tomorrow hopefully on the project!

I am convinced that a good fresh, coat of clean paint can update almost anything (especially white paint, but not always). I've been questioned on this recently (you know who you are), so I decided to put together a post with some examples. If I can find something of my own for a few bucks or even free (I scour Craigslist on a daily basis), I would love to make my own example. So, without further ado, here goes (prepare for a small photo barrage):

Centsational Girl- this is my favorite of all the items featured here

Young House Love

This silvery-white beauty was transformed by Beckie (who is a total sweetheart!) over at Infarrantly Creative

Now, normally I'm the world's biggest skeptic, so I can guess what some of you will say. And I agree that the change in environment does go a long way in making things look better. Its like those horrible ads for body makeover programs and whatnot, where the before shot looks like someone who's had no sleep (I'll give the benefit of the doubt and ignore the druggie angle), crazy hair, basically it looks like a police mugshot. And then the 'after' woman has on make-up, and her hair done, and she's smiling, and the lighting is better, and half the time doesn't even look like the same person. Picture me squinting at the computer screen, analyzing her eyebrows, or eyes, or whatever else to try to determine if its really the same person. Wow massive tangent. My point is, you can't deny that if you took the item on the right and placed it next to an un-remodeled clone, that it wouldn't still look 1000 times better even without the designer room surroundings.

I want to paint the dresser in our room white. We bought it for $30 from a good friend, so I'm not sure exactly what its made of, or if its even solid wood... but it is HEAVY so I've always thought it was. Its about 5 feet wide and 3.5 feet high (just guessing, I haven't measured it). Its a medium-colored wood, like mahogany or cedar maybe? (Keep in mind I know nothing about wood colors, I'm only guessing those because I googled wood colors and those were the closest to it.) I've wanted to paint it since we got it, I just never got around to it. So maybe that will be my project? All I know is that I will have a project for you ASAP!

Just for fun, here are a few great painted pieces in awesomely fun colors:

This fantastic piece comes from Tamara at Get It Girl Style.

I LOVE how she put the lime right up against the teal wall, its such a FUN use of color! And its so easy to be afraid of large amounts of color. But she's workin' it!

This piece was featured on Pink Shirts and Car Wrecks, but the credit link went to an Etsy user that apparently is no longer on Etsy. (If someone knows who I can credit, please let me know!)
I love the waves and the progression of color here. This would be so fun in an ocean-themed kids room!

Photo from The Fairy Paintbox
 I just couldn't resist including this for that fantastic color-blocked wall!

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    I love the green dresser.