Project Dreams

So! I figure its about time I get a post up of some projects I have in mind, and these will be in no particular order!

First is painting an old lamp my mom gave me (and either finding or making a new shade for it). I think this will be the first thing I do, because burning candles for 6+ hours a day gets costly, and quick. The lamp is old, but brand-new (the plastic is still on the shade).

Sorry for the crappy quality of my phone's camera, I cannot find the cord to connect my camera to the computer. I've never needed it before because my computer had a slot for the memory card. Sadly, my computer is not functional atm.

Its not-quite-white, its boring, its B-L-A-H. I hate blah. I love color! Lots of color. So on will the color go. What color, you ask? I have no idea. Something bright and cheery and fun. Possibly a nice lime green. Something matte, I think. Perhaps I should find/make a shade first, so I can match the paint to it. That would be easier. I'm told I do everything the hard way...

All my jewelry is currently hanging on a stand shaped like a treble clef that I bought for $8 on an antique shop excursion with my sisters. Its gorgeous, but my necklaces get all tangled, and its messy and overcrowded, which makes the earrings fall off, and I hate it. So first up is a jewelry organizer! I came across this through- what else, Pinterest!- on Ashli's blog over at Mini Manor (who is SUPER super sweet btw!). Basically you take a cutlery tray, paint it if desired, screw in a few hooks, and hang it on the wall! Sounds simple enough, right? That kind of thinking could get me into trouble...

There is this little nook in my kitchen, just inside the door we come in from the car. Its about 3 and a half feet wide, and 2 and a half deep. Currently its the place where we put our shoes when we come in. Its a mess, and it drives me nuts. I want to make it into a mudroom of sorts. Since we rent, we can't actually make a built-in mudroom, but I've been scouring Craigslist for something usable. Short of finding something that will work, I've adapted a DIY bookcase from a tutorial on Lowe's' website to fit.

DIY Bookcase, courtesy of Lowes.com

There will be a bench, and cubbies underneath, and places above for all things from hats and gloves to dog leashes and mail. I'll make a more detailed post on that at another time, with pictures I've drawn up and everything. For now, here is a picture of the nook:

Now you see why it drives me NUTS? I try to keep everything all neat, but it never stays that way.  Do you see the potential here?

I had intended to cover a few more ideas, but this is already a bit long, so I'll save some for another post. Until then, sweet dreams dreamers!

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