A Bit of Organizing, A Bit of Craftiness

There’s been more spring cleaning around here. Jess couldn’t find something yesterday and decided to tackle the downstairs closet (which is a combo coat/general storage closet). It goes under the stairs, so things tend to get lost in that small little space. I’m proud to say its looking great now! After that I guess she decided she was on a roll because she tackled her closet in our bedroom. So both are spick and span now, neat and orderly, and I am LOVING it. I am dying to invest in some sort of battery-operated lights for the closets, since they’re not wired for lighting of their own. I’ve found some online for a couple bucks each, so I’m thinking that may be a simple little project for a day when we have a bit of money to spare. I’m thinking 5 lights, one each for mine, Jess’ and The Boy’s closet, one for the downstairs closet, and one for the mudroom area. 

In crafty news, I am still working on my cardboard boxes, and I’m hoping they’ll be done in a day or two. I won't tell you what I have left to do because that would give away the surprise! I’m all done painting the base (aka the candlestick) of my apothecary jar, now I’m moving on to the lid. Then, I'll bake the paint on both and put the base on the jar and it will be done! I can’t wait to have a finished project to reveal!  

Oh and just to give you something pretty to look at, here is a picture of my beautiful, newly organized downstairs closet:

Downstairs Closet
I hate that I didn't think to take a before picture! Jess had me holding the flashlight for her, and it just didn't cross my mind. But picture it with everything just thrown in there any which way, because that's pretty much the best way to describe it.

I’d love to put in some low shelves right there one day, but its not at the top of my priority list. This will do for now! :)

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