House Tour Continues

I know, I know, I need to get a move on, as my mama says. I was really wanting to hold out til I get my camera USB cord, so you guys can have some decent quality pics (although 99% of you have it all in person), but apparently its shipping from China. No kidding. The tracking doesn't even show its left China yet, and I ordered it a week ago Friday. The earliest estimated delivery is 2/27, still over 2 weeks away. Boooo.

So anyway, here goes I guess. As you are walking in from the kitchen, the entertainment center and tv is against the wall on your right (and the stairs behind them, obviously), and the curtains are on the wall straight ahead.

Ignore the mess. Jess was playing a video game in case anyone was wondering
I admit we paid too much money for both the tv and entertainment center. They went on a Best Buy credit card, and we got a little crazy (Jess with the tv, me with the console lol). Unless I can think of a way to repurpose it, I'll probably sell the console on Craigslist whenever we eventually get around to getting a new one. I think it'd make a fantastic sideboard in a dining room. We need a console with some open shelving because Jess' xbox overheats easily in the closed cabinet.

I still adore these curtains, a year later
These curtains are blackouts, energy efficient, etc. We had just purchased and framed my mermaid painting, and I knew I wanted some brightly colored curtains to go next to it. (Its so hard to find good brightly colored curtains! I think I got them from the kids section). I got them on clearance from JCPenney.com (they are no longer available as of me checking right now though) for half of what they normally sold for. So altogether, for 4 panels, I paid $106. Sounds pricy, but I could not find any other curtains this color anywhere! And they were blackouts to boot, which Jess loves because she is a third shifter. They were on backorder, and I waited 3 arduous months for them to be here! They were more than worth it to though.

I found those gorgeous Bali faux wooden blinds at Goodwill for $5. They were new in the box and still had a Target price sticker on them, so I went to Target and found a matching set on sale for $15. They were both missing the stick you turn to open them, so I called the number on the box and the company was so sweet about sending me two new ones in the coordinating color for free! (The website appears to be having problems at the moment but you can find them at Target and I believe Home Depot.)

So to keep this from being uber extra-long, I'll stop here. I know I can talk a lot sometimes. (PS if yall would rather me do longer posts instead of splitting up rooms, let me know!)

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