Craft WIN!

2012-02-17_17-18-25_839If you haven’t already read it, be sure to go read my previous post, Craft FAIL, for more details on my recent disaster. I left off with the melted rubber on the pan. So then I had the task of removing it from my pan once it cooled. Jess and I worked together, using a boxcutter we kept heating with a knife. It took about 10 minutes but we finally got it off the pan (oddly enough, there is a nice, clean silver ring on my dingy rust-colored pan now). Then something unexpected happened: along with the rubber popping off my pan, it also popped off the glass. And I ended up with this:


Slightly uneven lid
Awesome right?? So I did what I’m sure any of you would do: I checked to see if it would still fit on the jar. And… drumroll please… it did! Its just slightly too small, but for a jar that will be sitting on a table somewhere and rarely touched except to change out the contents, I think I can deal with that! So YAY!  :D 


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