Dresser Reveal

I'm sure all of you have been on the edges of your seats waiting for the reveal of The Boy's new dresser. Well, wait no more, dreamers, its here! Ok I'll wait... Applause not necessary but it is appreciated... Lol ok, all kidding aside, I'm excited to finally be doing this! Its nothing fancy (yet, though I do have more plans for it sometime in the near future...) So anyway here goes! Hope yall like it as much as I do!

Here's what it looked like when my father-in-law dropped it off. Its not missing any drawers, but I had to snap this in a hurry because Jess was itchin to get started. It was missing all but 2 of the drawer pulls and is solid but pretty scratched up.

We let The Boy pick out a couple of colors he liked, and then we chose which to actually use. We let him pick out the pulls he liked too (within reason of course, price-wise). Bought six pulls, some paint and tinted primer, and got to work!

After we removed the remaining 2 drawer pulls, we started with a lot of sanding to take off the polyurethane and to clean all the up the scratches. Once all that was done, we started priming. A good 12 hours for that to dry, and we moved on the the paint (it was sposed to be a quick-dry primer, like 30 minutes, but we figured better safe than sorry). A second coat in some places just to touch up, and the frame was done! Once all that was dry, we moved the frame up to The Boy's room and moved on to the drawers.

When we were shopping, we couldn't find any drawer pulls we liked that would fit the pre-existing holes, so we'd planned on making new ones. So after we sanded the drawer fronts, I used wood glue to fill in the old holes. Jess drilled new holes by sight (I know! I was on pins and needles but I trust her judgement) and then we proceeded with the priming and painting as before. After everything was primed, painted, and dried, we put on the drawer pulls. Out of all of them, only one was off and needed to be redrilled, and that was only off by a few millimeters! Pretty darn good, considering she did it all by sight!

I contemplated doing some sort of pattern on the drawers, especially since the primer dried about 3 shades lighter than the paint did. Ultimately I decided to leave it simple (although I may do something else to change it up when I get the chance). I won't bore you with lots of tutorial pictures or the tutorial itself, there are plenty of those out there on the web and I don't feel I have anything new to add. I will say that this was my very first time painting anything big, and I'm so glad I did! If you're scared to take the plunge I highly recommend it. Enough of my yapping, here is the big reveal (picture to be replaced ASAP)!

I just pulled a few things from other places in The Boy's room for the staging. I can't wait to get something on that wall, and I'd love to paint that door and doorframe you see on the side. But for now it looks great, and he has a functional dresser again!

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  1. Good job!!!! I think it turned out really awesome.