A Fun Easter Craft

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My few loyal readers will remember me mentioning my sister Kelly asking me to make her a couple of decoupaged eggs for her to use as props in upcoming Easter photoshoots. Well they're done! If I were the type to decorate for holidays other than Christmas, I would totally be making more for myself. They would be adorable as a centerpiece, maybe in a bowl or basket with some fake grass or fluffy yarn as the original blogger used. And this picture has been circulating on Pinterest from BHG.com of eggs as vase filler. The possibilities are endless. So, for anyone interested, here is my own version of the original tutorial, which can be found here. I think this would be a super fun craft to do with kids who are old enough! :)

Before you start, gather all your supplies. You'll need:

  • Fake eggs (the original tutorial used the small plastic ones, I used jumbo glitter-covered styrofoam eggs (hey they were cheap and on sale!) either will work so its really about preference)
  • Scrapbooking paper or some other pretty, sturdy paper (or I bet fabric would work too)
  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge or some other type of craft glue
  • A small sponge or paintbrush
Choose a paper (or papers, if you're really bold) for the first egg and start cutting it up. The tutorial recommended using small squares to minimize bubbling, so that's what I started with. Pick a square and put some modge podge onto the back of the paper using your sponge or brush. Press the paper onto the egg and keep pressure on it for about 10 seconds. Repeat with more paper. 

Maybe it was the difference in egg size, but I found that the squares bubbled a lot. So I decided to experiment. I found that using strips worked best for me. 
Left is the squares I started with; Right is me trying to show you the bubbling (look around the top edges) and how much smoother the strips worked

By the time I finished the first egg and started the second, I was a pro. So here are some tips from what I found helpful:
  • When you apply a strip, use both thumbs to apply pressure starting in the middle and pressing out to either end.
  • Use a long, thin strip around the middle of the egg to start with, so it wraps about halfway around the egg. It'll give you a good starting point (picture to the right)
  • Make a second strip from the first strip up to the top of the egg
  • Work up around the top and bottom of the egg and then close in on the middle. No matter what size you use, its going to bubble more around the top, and I found it easier to do that first. 
I couldn't figure out any decent staging because they're so big, but I figure I'll just get Kelly to stage something for me one day while she's shooting. So please, try to ignore the poor staging and just concentrate on the pretty pretty eggs! :)


  1. You will have perfectly pretty pics of the eggs soon! Ps. The white balance in your camera is off. Than you so much for making them!

    1. Well what do you expect when I'm forced to take pictures with my phone and edit them to look halfway decent? Lol hopefully I'll have a USB cord for my digital soon. Until then feel free to come help me out! :) I'll feed you as payment lol

  2. Thanks for linking up to Terrific Tuesday!!

    1. Thanks for having it! :)