Etsy Round-Up: Red

I can sit and look through things on Etsy for hours on end. Some days I have a certain item on the brain, like lamps. Others times I just pick a category at random and start looking through it. Maybe that's why I’ve been itching to do an Etsy round-up, because I spend so much time on there anyway. Well I finally got around to it today. I picked red for a general theme, in honor of Valentine’s Day coming up. But they are by no means a bunch of Valentine’s-themed items. (Keep in mind I would prefer to attempt to make several of these before I would buy them. But I love these versions all the same.)

Red Etsy Round-up 

1- Paper Garland- Red Elephants on Parade2- Sukan / Red Linen, White Felt Birds Pillow Cover – 12x20 inch3- 'Mini Reds’ 2 Piece 5x9 Original Paintings4- Red Neoprene Rubber Sterling Silver ‘LOVE’ Pendant5- Red Barn Owl Figurine.  6- Red and Black Sushi Set.  7- My Fair Lady Headwrap – Red, Cream, Charcoal. 8- Red Rose on Red Pillow.  9- Nautical Pillow Cover – Red White Blue – 12x18 inch. 10- ‘Dragon Dance’ Original Paintings, Set of 3 Canvases 48x20.  11- 12” Bird Feeder or Bird Bath Made From Red Glass Traffic Light.  12- Set of 4 Red Chevron Cork Coasters.

Every one of these represents something I love. All things nature, trees, animals, etc (well ok, I’m not crazy about snakes, spiders or insects- but as long as they don’t come near me I am fine). Art. Up-cycled and eco-friendly items. Headwraps and jewelry. Several of them also represent people who are important to me (for instance, one of my sisters has a major things for owls, hence the owl figurine- but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them all too). So what do you think, dreamers? Do you love them all as much as I do? Or do you hate them?

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