Yesterday was crazy busy! We picked up that (free) old new-to-me recliner I found off Craigslist. Plus, when I called the lady as planned for directions, she said she had an armchair and two pillows we could have if we wanted. I figured what the hell, we'd at least look at it. Its far from what I'd call attractive, but its in good shape, so we took it too. Between driving to pick up my father-in-law's truck, finding the house, loading furniture, getting home and unloading furniture, taking off the old sectional corner piece to Goodwill (the recliner couldn't be saved), returning my FIL's truck, and getting back home, plus furniture arrangement and making dinner, it was kinda insane! We got everything arranged (probably temporarily, but its working for now) and sat down to eat dinner and watch a Grey's Anatomy episode, and I swear the next thing I knew it was midnight. Normally that means nothing to me, but I had to work 7a-7p today so it was off to bed. And now I'm writing this in my downtime at work (scratch that- was writing it at work, on my new blogger-droid app that I'm not sure if I like- now I'm editing on my computer at home).

So. New projects! There's the hideous chair I just mentioned, that I want to try to paint, I think sooner rather than later because its currently covered in a very ill-fitting fitted sheet. There's also the lovely burnt orange recliner that I either want to make or buy a slipcover for. Last, there's the 2 pillows, that I plan on making covers for. Now all I have to do is decide on colors! In general the only major color I've picked for the room so far is the teal of the curtains I already have and love. I'm thinking teal and green and gold and brown? I need to go fabric hunting, maybe something will speak to me. Plus there are the projects that were waiting on me before, like finishing up the tumbler for the bathroom, and the apothecary jars. So I guess I'll be a busy bee again tomorrow!

Speaking of ruminating, the last thing I mentioned ruminating on was the mudroom bench. I drew up a plan while working that I wanted to share to hopefully give y'all an idea of what I'm wanting to do. Ignore the not-to-scaleness and the out-of-proportionness, I am not a great artist, but the old man I was sitting with today knew what it was meant to be, so hopefully y'all will be able to see it too!

I realize you wouldn't be able to see both in front and down into the back like that, that's what I meant when I said ignore all that lol. Also the far right cubby goes all the way back so as not to be blocking the air filter, that I just realized I didn't do. Does it give you an idea at least?

I'll be starting a giveaway soon! My good friend Amber at Phenomenal Creations is putting together a gift basket, and the winner will get to choose his/her preferred scent! Details as soon as I have them!


  1. I like the idea for the color scheme

    1. Why thank you sissy :)