First (Small) Project!

Hooray for small projects! My amazing mother took Jess and I out to lunch today. Afterward we were just hanging out, doing some little errand shopping she needed to do. So we did her stuff, and then we were so close to the Dollar Tree that I had to go. (Our one lonesome Dollar Tree in Lincolnton is tiny. The one we went to is one of several in Gastonia, and its huge compared to ours.) She's recently started following my blog (love you Mama!!), so I was telling her about some of the dollar store projects I've been wanting to try. She ended up buying me a glass bowl with a lid, a glass jar with an airtight lid, and a glass candle pedestal.

After Jess convinced me we could spare a couple dollars for some paint so I could start, we went to Hobby Lobby, who's weekly sales items included the paint and brushes I needed (hooray!).

I started with the small bowl with a lid. I haven't painted anything with a brush since art class in school, so it took me a while to get the hang of doing it and keep from spreading the paint too much or too little.

After one coat of paint: you can see on the lid where there are still spots of the glass showing through
Here is Isabelle supervising from Jess' lap
A second coat of paint, drying overnight, and this is the final result:

Can't you picture it in some designer bathroom with cotton balls or something in it? I'm thinking I'll probably put Q-tips in it, since we don't use cotton balls much. It cost me about $1 total.

Glass Bowl- FREE (my mom bought it for $1 at the Dollar Tree)
Paint- $1.52 (and there is plenty left to use on other projects)
TOTAL: $1.52

Here is what I'm working on atm, an old tumbler that a friend gave us when we moved in (love you Cindy!). I think I'm going to paint it to match and put toothbrushes in it. (Atm, everything pretty much lays on the counter. And I am determined to organize it, one thing at a time!)


  1. I love the Dollar Store craft redesign, it looks so much better after!

  2. Wow!! I love it!! Thanks for linking up to Terrific Tuesday!!!

    1. Thanks, and thanks for having me! :)