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I fell in love. Again. And not with Jess, although I do of course love her dearly, more and more every day. But this runs a very close second. I think I may have found my inspiration piece for the living room (or what will eventually be made into a piece/pieces). At $9.20/yd its not cheap (at least not by my standards), but it is gorgeous. And Jess loves it too. I need to go to Mary Jo's again and see if I can't find something similar. (Mama? Crystal? Kelly? Anyone wanna come with? That is one place Jess does not like to go with me.) But until then, and just in case I can't find anything I even love half as much (which is what happened last time I went), here is the second love of my life. It doesn't have the bright green I want, but it does have the teal, pale-ish yellow, and fuchsia. And I think the pale green in it could work with my brighter green accessories. And I get orange! Yall know I love lots and lots of color, so getting even more than I'd planned on makes me happy!



  1. Of course I want to go. And the price isn't really that bad depending on what you want to do with it.

    1. Well that I'm not sure about yet. Possibly just a couple of pillows. It'd still be cheaper if we can find it or something similar at Mary Jo's though.