Meet My New Salt Lamp

Some of you may remember me posting a while back about wanting to get a salt lamp (you can go read the post here if you're interested). Well, I finally got one! Its not the basket-type that I originally wanted, but I don't care. Jess and I went to the flea market Sunday morning with Crystal and another friend. We had stopped to look at this one stall that had gorgeous cuts of quartz and other minerals, made into everything from wind chimes to jewelry to bookends. I almost didn't see the salt lamps, they were tucked back behind a display. The tag said $20 but she said she'd give it to me for $15. We went and walked around the rest of the market, but I couldn't stop thinking about it so when we'd made it all the way around we went back. I got the lamp (and Jess bought an arrowhead necklace made from crystal for $5. And Crystal went back to a different vendor and got a rug she couldn't stop thinking about). Now, in hindsight, I could have gotten the same basic lamp online for $6-10. (The basket ones are the ones that start around $25 or $30.) I'm just happy I finally got one though! It was worth it to me. Even if it weren't for all the health benefits its supposed to have, I'd still love it. It has a raw, earthy look to it that I am swooning over, and I think it fits in well with all the nature elements the room has and will have eventually.

What do you think dreamers? Love it or hate it?

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  1. Not sure what I think....I need to see it for real...the picture doesn't do anything for it.

  2. Diana H9.3.12

    Wow, i have'nt seen one before but i think it's beautiful! great find. :)