Feature Friday- Jennifer Leigh

Feature Friday! I'm not as excited today as I normally am (sure, I could fake it, but Jess tells me all the time I'm a bad liar! I'd rather just be honest :) ) I've just had a lot going on lately, and for those of you who missed my last post, we are getting ready to move as soon as we get everything in order! (You can read more details here.) I was off yesterday and had planned on getting several FF's typed up so all I would have to do is post them and not worry about it, but then I got called in to work anyway. And we could use every bit of extra money we can get. So, I'm not sure yet about the fate of next week's post, but here is this week's!

*Disclaimer: All images in this post are from Jennifer Leigh at SohoGallery. I claim no credit or responsibility for any of the art or photography in this post.

Magnolia Tree

Jennifer had a lot to say in her interview, so I'm going to jump right into it!

Where do you get your inspiration?
JL ~ I get inspiration from various sources, primarily from nature and emotions, but also from unexpected sources such as magazine articles, commercials, or a striking photograph........anything that can trigger that part of the creative brain that causes you to want to emote something on canvas.

How long have you been painting?
JL ~ I have been painting most of my life but did not start really immersing myself into it full time until after 2001. I lived in New York City for 16 years, and when 9/11 occurred, I reevaluated my life and relocated in the hopes of doing something positive full time that I loved, and something that would give me inner peace.

How/why did you get started selling on Etsy? Do you sell anywhere else?
JL ~ I started Etsy after an artist friend told me to check it out. It took me some time to get acclimated to the processes involved with selling your artwork, i.e., photoshop examples, how to ship large paintings, etc. But I wanted it so bad, that I just focused on the technical aspects relentlessly until I was able to comprehend enough to be able to then solely concentrate on the art. I also have a shop on Ebay under the seller name Gallery_Expressions, but most of my stock is on Etsy.

What's your favorite piece (of your own, someone else's or both)?
JL ~ I have a lot of favorites, probably because your paintings become like your children in a strange way. You put so much emotion into each one of them and they become very near to your heart. They all turn out differently (and some take on a life of their own) which is the joy of art. No painting can ever be exactly duplicated once it is finished. It is like capturing a special moment in time, forever preserved. I also love to admire the work of other artists. I never tire of seeing others' interpretations and emotions on display. And everyone is so unique. Some artists are extremely skilled and schooled at their craft, while others draw from a more visceral space from within. There is always something to admire and learn from other artists. 

Ready for the goodies? I am!

Unquenchable Spirit
This one is by far my favorite. There's so much passion in it!

Lilies of the Valley
These lilies are just so bright and fun!

Aurora Borealis
 I don't think this one really needs any explanation. Its beautiful!

Eagle Feather
Jennifer also does custom-painted horses like this one! Cool huh?

If you've seen something you like or want to see more, check out her store! She's offering a 10% discount, just enter code "ORIGINALART" at checkout.

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