I want to apologize in advance for being MIA for the next few weeks and maybe even months. I've had some drama going on to deal with lately, plus Jess and I have decided we are moving! Asheville, North Carolina to be exact, about 2 hours away from where we live now. Its something we have discussed for over a year now as doing 'someday', but now feels like the right time. The problem is that neither of our jobs will relocate, in addition to which there is the catch 22 that most housing wants employment verification, and most employers want housing verification. So we are throwing all of our energies into finding people who are willing to work with us on that. (So if any of you wonderful readers happen to know someone in Asheville who'd be willing to help, please let me know!)
Asheville's night skyline, courtesy of RomanticAsheville.com
I haven't yet decided whether I will still do the Feature Fridays, or postpone them for a while, but as soon as I do I will be sure to let you all know!


  1. Diana h.24.4.12

    Wow, that's a beautiful pic! maybe me and the kids will go someday! bumber after have putting ur furniture together but sometimes things need to go a certain way so good luck to u and Jess on your new venture! :)

    1. That didn't even occur to me about the new furniture lol but it was the first thing Jess said too! I guess because she did the bulk of the work lol :p Thank you for the well wishes! :)

      Asheville is BEAUTIFUL all year round, but if you only go once, go in the fall! The leaves and colors are breath-taking!