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I think most of you regulars are aware by now of my love for Etsy. Well this post is about a similar love of mine, one that I've been neglecting for some time now. Its called FineArt America, and its similar to Etsy in that artists can sell their work. There are a few key differences though.

 1- Many Etsy sellers sell supplies for various projects, others sell home goods such as pillows and lamps, etc. On FAA you can find any type of printed art, sculpture, jewelry, ceramics and glass products.
2-  FAA gives artists the option to let customers buy prints in various sizes, as well as pick out framing and matting if they desire, all from the same page as the painting they picked out. FAA even handles all the printing and shipping for the prints, using only the computer image uploaded by the artist, and pays the artist via mail or paypal. 
I'm ashamed to say I've spent nearly the whole day today browsing FAA. Sure, I can chalk it up to blog business because I found a dozen new artists for Feature Friday, but at the end of the day there is housework that has to be done too. So, shame on me. Maybe tomorrow I'll do better.

I figured the least I could do is share with you a few of my new favorite pieces :)

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Maps are so trendy right now! Word map art is quickly becoming popular as well, and I love this super colorful version. I think this would be awesome to put in a kids room, what a fun way to help them learn their states!

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I was in awe when I saw this. I seriously thought about ordering it in a small size and using it somewhere in my living room. And who knows, I still might!

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I'm not sure what to call this style, but its gorgeous. It seems as if its just a bunch of strips all laid together that happen to make a picture, and some parts are lighter than others and some don't quite line up. I love it!

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I think Jess would love this one. She has a thing for phoenixes (phoenix? what is the plural form of phoenix?) and that's what this reminds me of. I seriously thought about buying it too, I definitely think I could tie it into my living room.

If you see something you like, and are patient enough to wait a month or 2, I've messaged all these artists about being featured, and one has already gotten back to me and wants to do a giveaway, so keep an eye out for that! If you just have to have it now and absolutely can't wait, then don't forget to tell them I sent ya!

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