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*Disclaimer: All images in this post are from Jennifer Smith at PicturesbyJennifer. I claim no credit or responsibility for any of the art or photography in this post.
Woot woot, it is time for Feature Friday again! Anyone else get as excited as I do? No? Well, that's ok, I think I get excited enough for all of you! This week's feature is on Jennifer Smith who runs an Etsy shop named PicturesbyJennifer. Her work is some of my absolute favorite. She is just starting out and has only made 3 sales so far, but I'm hoping I can help with that! :)

A Lady of Sparkle and Intrigue
Yall know by now I'm sure that I love mermaids and this is no exception! She is beautiful! She looks so coy.

Jennifer was so kind as to answer a few questions for yall.

How long have you been painting?
JS ~ Art is something I have always done. Drawing was my first love, then I fell for the texture of clay and how I could make whatever I liked. I've been painting now for at least twelve years. I am mostly self taught but have taken a couple classes at some local community colleges. I really like the classroom atmosphere and having other students nearby to get opinions and ideas from. It's also nice to have people to talk to while I'm painting. 

Rolling Hills
Where do you get your inspiration?
JS ~ I get my inspiration from all over the place, but mostly from nature, other artists and photographs I see. I love the natural shapes of the earth and trees. Color is also very inspirational for me. I like to use odd colors to help set my artwork apart from other painters. One of my favorite color combinations is orange and bright blue, I love to use the contrasting colors next to each other to create emphasis in various areas. Curving lines are very alluring to me such as the lines in Rolling Hills.

[Curving lines are very alluring to me too! Maybe that's why I love her work so much? Well that, combined with how bright and colorful they are, because yall know I looooove me some color!]

How/why did you get started selling on Etsy?
JS ~ My friends and family have always been very encouraging about my art and have been suggesting I sell my creations for a couple years. It wasn't until my sister gave me a meeting with a psychic for last years Christmas present that things got rolling. I don't know why that meeting gave me the encouragement that I needed, however it was all very positive and eye opening. She said many of the same things my friends and family have, but two days later I had uploaded and opened the store. It's been really fun and exciting to see other peoples feedback and comments and even more exciting, even humbling, when someone buys a painting.

After The Storm
What's your favorite piece?
JS ~ It is so hard to pick my favorite piece. Usually it ends up being one I currently finished. There are a couple that I don't have listed on Etsy that I really enjoy. One is similar to Rolling Hills. On Etsy, I really like the Rhythm of the Turtle and the latest dragonfly piece [After The Storm].

Since this is a home decor blog, I'd love it if you'd include a picture of something from your home that you love!
JS ~ I love those home decorating shows and attempted to have a color theme in my bedroom. I'm happy with the low cost way it turned out. The art is mine. I decorate with my art cause it's cheap :-) . It's called Flowing Wonderment.

[I think its beautiful! The rug placement seems a bit odd, but its an odd room perspective anyway. I also asked her about the thing hanging from the middle of the curtain rod, and she said this: "The object above my bed is a hand blown glass lozenge shape that I got from the Corning Glass museum in New York State. I really liked the color combination and pattern. It's hanging on a double strand of hemp from my curtain rod."]

And because I can't resist, here are a few more beauties of hers:

Northern Peak
Tree of Life- Everything That
Goes Up, Must Come Down
See something you absolutely can't live without? Or do you love her style, but have something else in mind you'd like her to create for you? Before you go running over to her shop to buy it, you should know that she is doing a spring sale. Enter the code SPRING10 when you check out to get 10% off your purchase!

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