A Few Accomplishments

Ok, so I realized today that most of my blogs have been about what I WANT to do. So I decided to make one about some things I HAVE done. So here goes.

Eventually I'll get around to doing a full photo tour of my bedroom. Its my favorite room, and the closest to being completed. Its also the messiest, since its the one part of the house that no one sees but us. As usual, please excuse the crappy quality of the pictures.

The wall sconce I got from Pier One on clearance for about $15, along with the red candles that I think were $1 each. The wall decal I found on sale at Hobby Lobby for I think like $10. The bed was given to us by a friend of a friend not long after we moved in. They were getting a new bedroom set and the mutual friend knew that we were sleeping on a box spring and mattress on the floor. (I wanted to paint it before we moved it in, but we didn't have it on hand, and they were willing to move it up the stairs for us, so I never got around to it. The sheets we splurged a bit on, they are 500 thread count Egyptian cotton from Walmart. I think they were about $60?

The curtains and curtain rod I got from Walmart. The curtains are energy efficient blackout curtains. They were about $25/per panel but we figured with the money we'd save on power they'd be worth it. The comforter we also got from Walmart, I think its like 300 thread-count (can you tell we are creatures of comfort?) but it has little white pieces of stuffing sticking out all over now (the comforter itself is black) so I guess you get what you pay for, at least in this case. I've thought about getting a duvet cover to put over it but wasn't sure if it would work, and never found one I loved that didn't cost an arm and a leg, so I haven't.

This is the only thing remotely crafty I've done as far as decorating since we moved in. Its a basic plastic 3-drawer cart from Walmart (that we didn't add the wheels to). I bought 2 of them and painted them, and they are now our bedside tables with bonus storage.

Photo from Ashley Furniture HomeStore
On the left is a vanity mirror I scored at Goodwill for $13, in pristine condition! If only they'd had the rest of the set, its so gorgeous!

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