Kitchen Dream Remodel Mood Board

Ok. Soooo the big dream kitchen redo. I gave y'all the teaser for the floor. Ready for the rest? Heeeere goes!

Floor to ceiling, literally!

 1- Shaker Cabinet Doors from Barkerdoor.com- $14.99 each (for the style and options I chose)

 2- Sherwin-Williams SW7123 Yellow Beam- This is the color I picked to paint the cabinets with. I HATE choosing off-white shades, but there it is

3- Sherwin-Williams SW2804 Renwick Rose Beige- This I would paint the backsplash with

4- American Olean Glass Wall Tile in Powder- $3.85 per 4.25x4.25 tile

5-  MS International Tropic Brown Polished Granite Floor and Wall Tile- $9.99/sq ft- Before you say anything, let me explain. Laminate is sold in 4-feet pieces and up. The way my counter is set up, I would get out cheaper just buying these tiles than I would several pieces of laminate. Btw, I got the idea from a fellow blogger who redid her counters (with the help of her husband) in granite tile instead of laminate- and they look fantastic! But, for the life of me, I cannot find her blog again! By any chance, did anyone else see that post?

6- Shaker Cabinet Drawer Fronts from Barkerdoor.com- $14.99 each (for the style and options I chose)

7- Classic 12" x 12" Sedona Slate Cedar Glazed Porcelain Floor Tile- $2.18/sq ft- Not the cheapest, but by far not the most expensive! I think I would pick a different color grout though than the blue-grey in the picture. Maybe a tan or light brown?

So. Opinions anyone? I really should go measure everything so I could get an idea of how much everything would cost. Yeah, I should. I'll get right on that...

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