Blogger Sisters

I haven't yet figured out how to add this on my sidebar, but I will at least blog about it. This super cool lady named Sara had an awesome idea to create a site where new bloggers with questions could go to apply to be assigned a big sister blogger, and vice versa with blogger vets looking to share their wisdom. I applied as soon as I was done reading the guidelines, and was assigned to Sara, the creative genius herself! I feel so honored. :) You can go check out her blog for yourself (she blogs about a variety of things, from DIY ideas to family things) or you can go here to check out the Blogger Sister program for yourself. As soon as I figure out how (or Sara tells me how, since she is on Blogspot as well), I will be putting one of her lovely buttons on my sidebar.

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  1. I am honored to be your big sister! Hopefully I meet and exceed your expectations. Cheers! :)