Guess what arrived in my mailbox a full 2 weeks early!? (Ok, ok, 13 days.) My USB cord for my camera *insert overly excited squeal here*! So I’ve been busy cleaning and taking replacement pictures for the blog. Oh and I’ve been testing out my new toy that my mom gave me when she gave me all those fabric scraps and lamps and stuff: A handheld sewing machine.
Something akin to this, although I think mine is a different brand it looks almost identical

I haven't done much with it yet, just played around on a scrap to get a feel for it. Its pretty simple really. I'm not so great at sewing, but I think I could handle making some simple things, like maybe some napkins? Which reminds me, I've been meaning to find a general guide for handmaking napkins. (I bet I can find some over at Mini Manor, the blog I stalk am crushing on the most! Ashli is super cool and sweet too, and way handy with a sewing machine!)

Well, at least that’s how this started out. And then, amidst typing, I plugged in my camera to the computer to upload some pictures I took and realized it doesn’t work. So back to the drawing board I go. I’m checking on ebay to see if the seller I bought it from has an exchange policy. Fingers crossed!

Ugh. What a mood killer!

*Edit* - The seller's listing on eBay says they do not have all models of cameras to test items on, and to please let them know if something does not work. I've contacted them and explained the situation, so hopefully this can be resolved quickly and easily! Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

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