A-Thrifting We Shall Go…

Waiting on my sissy Crystal to get here, then her and her man friend, me and Jess are going shopping (window shopping in my case) at an antique mall! I may not have any money to spend, but hopefully I can at least get some good pictures to share some things I might have done, had I the moolah.

Oh, and just because I am so impatient and couldn’t resist, here is a sneak peek of the apothecary jar:

Apothecary Jar

Its not done yet. The paint still has to cure (either by air-drying for 21 days or by me baking it in the oven- meaning I'll probably bake it lol), and it still has to be glued together. I hadn’t even washed the sticker off the bottom of the jar yet when I took this picture. But its coming along nicely. Still debating what to put in it when its done. (My first choice would be M&M’s, if they wouldn’t all be eaten within hours of me setting it out. But I see candy apothecary jars everywhere; if I'm going to do something trendy, at least I can put my own spin on it.)


Hope everyone has a great day! Anyone have anything fun planned today?

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