New Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Recently, I had the brilliant idea to use baskets in some of my kitchen cabinets, mainly the top ones that I cant reach well. They don't get used much at the moment, and I usually have to get The Boy to get things for that get pushed to the back (or climb the counter). So I figure it’ll be easier to pull out a basket than some box or bottle that’s gotten pushed to the back of the shelf, right? I measured, and came up with 9.5” tall, 12” deep and 11” wide (although it is a triple cabinet, it still has to fit between the divider and side). So I’ve been scouring the internet for baskets that are within those measurements. Walmart has one this one online that would be pretty much perfect size-wise, for $11.50 each. Not happening.

Whitmore Small Woven Storage Tote with Straps in Java

So Jess and I were at good ol’ Wally World buying groceries the other day, and of course I couldn’t resist detouring through several departments like the home organization. Even when I don’t have money, I love to look and see what they have, fantasize and plan and blah blah blah for when I do have a bit of spare cash. I happened to find some small baskets that were a little on the small side from what I wanted (7”x6”x8” I think?) but they were $1.99 a piece. Really!? So I grabbed 2. When I got home and started playing with it, I put all my spices in one, and all my small baking supplies (vanilla extract, icing tubes, etc) in the other. And I am in love. Let me say that the only colors they had were hot pink and navy blue (I got the blue), so I’ll probably end up painting them at some point. And its entirely possible if I find a great deal on some that are bigger while still fitting the parameters, I may replace them and find other uses for those baskets. (They’re a perfect size for the stairs!) But for now, I’m totally totally in love (oh and did I mention in love? Just kidding. Maybe). I now have a ton of space freed on the both shelves, and much more functional top shelves. I want to go back for at least 1 more basket!

I promise they are not normally THAT empty! (We're not starving Mom!) Tomorrow is grocery day

In other news, we are putting the finishing touches on The Boy's new dresser (the frame is done and in his room, and the drawers are waiting on the final coat of paint), and I am about halfway done with Kelly's mod-podged eggs, so hopefully both will be photographed and posted soon! Also, Crystal bought that sectional she was looking at, and started painting her walls today! I'll try to get a post together soon of her progress too.


PS How do you like the signature thing? Is it too cliché and overdone? If I decide to stick with it, I think it’d be super cool to scan in my real signature to start using one day.

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