Crystal's Sign Gallery

I spent the bulk of last night at my sister Crystal's house. (She's the sister who's redecorating. I know, I know, I have so many lol!) She did go buy that sectional sofa I mentioned, plus she painted the whole living room, she's bought new curtains and curtain rods, she bought an area rug when we were at the flea market last weekend, and she bought a handful of metal signs she wanted to hang on the wall. She was afraid to try it by herself, so we tackled it together. I won't bore you with a whole tutorial on how we did it, its the same method I'm sure you've seen a million times (arrange everything on the floor in a design you like, make paper templates of each piece, mark each paper with identifying words and placement so they don't get mixed up, mark nail placement on paper, tape paper to wall to perfect spacing and placement, nail through paper, remove paper and hang items- if you want more detailed instructions, here's a pretty good tutorial that's pretty close to what we did). In the end, we ended up with this:

Left is the papers taped while we were working on spacing and stuff; Right is the final result
Its entirely possible I went a bit overboard with the picture editing. But this way it somewhat disguises the crappy quality of a cell phone picture at night with low lighting. And anyway you get the idea. Kelly feel free to go take a replacement picture for us! The whole area isn't ready for reveal yet though. But its all coming along nicely!

And just because, here's a preview of her living room so far:

Look in the corner and you can see her dated cabinets and laminate countertops with pink edging! How's that for a bit of before and after!?

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