Feature Friday- Diana's Originals

*Disclaimer: All images in this post are from Diana Hall at Dianasoriginals. I claim no credit or responsibility for any of the art or photography in this post. Also, she's in a similar situation as me with her camera, so she wanted to apologize for the poor quality of her webcam pictures!

Feature Friday today is on a wonderful Etsy seller, Diana from DianasOriginals. She has such a variety of products to choose from, from crocheted swimwear to paper lamps. She's been an awesome to work with. To change it up a bit, instead of doing a short interview, I just asked her to tell us a little about herself. This is what she had to say:
This is a picture of the Powerpuff
Girls that Diana painted on a friend's wall
"My Etsy shop is called Diana's Originals, mostly because I love the uniqueness of original and handmade. I have always been that way. I get inspired by anything at the right time. I used to make my daughter dresses from boys t-shirts and paint and glitter them. She loved them so we did socks, hair barrettes and anything else I could glitter and paint! And my son loves video games and cartoons so I painted Mario and Spongebob on a little piece of his wall, and made him hanging felt characters. I've done Bernstein Bears and Toontown for them also. I guess most of my inspiration is from them, to make special, unique things for them to enjoy! Looking back, I've always used my imagination to make a nice home and nice things for my family, sheets for curtains, baskets for tables, gift wrap for wallpaper, etc. I could go on and on lol. I also painted for friends for a while. Years ago I found Etsy from a PBS show I watch, Knit and Crochet Today, and was so glad I did! It gave me even more of a reason to create and I love being in the company of so many talented artists and crafters."
What a cool mom! Diana, you did an amazing job on your friends' walls, and if/when I ever have kids I hope someone will come paint their walls for me!

And now on to the goodies:

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Diana's lamps were the first thing that drew my attention, so I think it fitting that I start with a lamp here too. This is one of my favorite of everything Diana has listed. I would love to buy this one day for my living room! Its so simple and casual. It has a basal base and fabric shade.

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This has a paper shade. It has painted metallic trees on it, and small holes that look like stars on the wall when the lantern is on. Diana says these (and other similarly painted lamps) are her current favorite item because of how they sparkle when lit. Isn't it pretty!? And how much fun would a couple of these be for a party!?

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This is a gorgeous night light or small lamp that Diana hand-scuplted from clay. I bet this casts some wicked cool shadows! How fun for a kids room! Or any room really!

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And because y'all know I can't resist a painting, here is one she has listed in her shop. Its done in vivid acrylics and represents a neighborhood she used to live in. Makes me want to move, its beautiful!

Diana has also been so sweet as to offer you wonderful readers a giveaway! She's donating a completely original lamp that she hadn't even listed for sale yet! Its made from thick scrapbook paper, with hand-painted gold scrolls on the outside, and 4 wooden feet. It has a 5-ft power cord with on/off switch and comes with a 5 watt bulb.

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  1. It is very unique! I love the shape and color. I already know where in my home I would put it if I won.

  2. Anonymous1.4.12

    I would LOVE to have this because not only is it gorgeous and unique, but it matches perfectly with my red & gold comforter and would look STUNNING on my night stand!
    kitty32504 at cox dot net

    1. Kristen6.4.12

      Very pretty! Orange is my favorite color. I would love this for my room.Definitely my style as I am very creative myself. Hope to win! Thanks.

  3. i love how cute it is and the different shape. i'd probably put it in my room, but i might use it as a gift too.

    lauren51990 at aol dot com

  4. i'd use it in the bedroom to read by

  5. I love the colors and design! It is so unique! I would put it in my room to give it a burst of color and beauty! Thanks for the giveaway!

    -Rachael Henzman

  6. It's beautiful! I'd use it at my new place.

    -Ashley Marie Morrissey

  7. It's stunning and I adore the colors and design. I know just where I would put it in my home studio.

    I also checked out Diana Etsy shop and found many other items (especially lamps/lanterns) that I could find very good uses and locations for (I Etsy "hearted" and Facebook "shared/liked" quite a few of them (Jesselyn A)

    Thank you for the splendid giveaway and for the intro to Diana's creations/shop.


  8. I would use it in my bedroom.

  9. Diana Hall5.4.12

    Thanx so much for the likes and looks! i appreciate it and Thanx to Courtney for the promotion! It was fun. :)

  10. I absolutely love the lamp, it would be perfect in my bedroom. The color is perfect! Thank you for the opportunity to win such a nice prize.

  11. I love this lamp because it makes me think of pixie fire. I would put it in my daughters room :)

  12. i think this is gorgeous and would look so awesome on my bed stand :)

  13. I like this lamp because it's beautifully unique. I would use it as my bedside lamp

  14. Anonymous6.4.12

    The lamp is very nice and I would display it in my living room for all to see
    Wanda Jean
    Wandajean1564 at yahoo dot ca

  15. I'd love to have this lamp because it's beautiful, colorful, and unique! I'd put it in my living room.

    Kimberley Meier
    momof3chaos at gmail dot com