Since we got the new tv center, I've been reworking the whole living room design scheme. I've got a post going on a new mood board, that so far includes a loveseat, chaise, sofabed, and the curtains and tv center we already have. Today I've had rugs on the brain. I really wnat one with a lot of color in it. What I can't decide is what colors. I'm thinking about relocating Sarah (my $300+ art print, that I talked about here) to our bedroom because I really don't like the gallery wall with the new tv center. So with a blank wall, that gives me a more or less blank slate for the room colors (so long as they include teal or green, which are the curtains I already have. If I choose something that doesn't work with those, then I have to buy new curtains too). These are a couple of rugs that I love for the room.

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I really think I'd prefer one with a black base since the furniture I want is all in shades of grey. I'm hoping it'll help ground the room more. Make sense? But I'm having trouble finding one with a black base, with the bright colors I want too. This is beautiful, but its not as bright as I'd like it to be.

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Now this is a little more up my alley color-wise. It doesn't have the black base I'm thinking, but I love the vivid colors and the asymmetrical lines.

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This is my favorite of the 3. I adore it! Its a few of my favorite things all wrapped in a rug. The oceanic colors and flowing lines, the mosaic stripes... I'm most at peace when I'm close to a major body of water (well aside from when I'm in Jess' arms, of course!♥), so this would be the next best thing to moving seaside for me.

I'd never buy a rug without touching and looking over it first though. Its something I'm particularly picky about. I want something super soft and plush under my feet, and its something I won't compromise on. So chances are, I'll end up getting one from Ollie's or Ikea or the flea market rather than online.

And now, I'm off to get ready for work, for the 4th time in 5 days! Crazy how I go from not gettin any work for a month straight to nearly every day, right? Sucks that every bit of money I'm making will have to go to bills though. Such is life I guess.

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