Listia Anyone?

Are any of you are on Listia? I'm totally addicted to that site! For those of you who don't know, its like eBay, but instead of bidding money to win things for auction, you use credits. You get 400 (I think?) automatically just for joining, and you can get more by buying them, auctioning off your own things that you don't want, inviting friends or sharing things on Facebook and Twitter. And you use your credits to buy others people's stuff! Some ask that you pay shipping, some offer free shipping and some will split it with you. I've already bid on like 20 things, and won 3! I've been looking around the house for stuff to auction to get more credits lol. I'm thinking about selling some of my old jewelry I made ages ago and never wear.

They do the bidding similar to eBay's bidding. You put in a max bid that you are willing to pay, and then the site bids for you until someone outbids your max. Make sense? Say you find something you love, and the current bid is 20 credits. You want it badly and want to make sure no one else gets it while you're not online, so you bid 101 credits, the current bid becomes 21 credits and you become the highest bidder. If someone bids 25 the site automatically bids 26 for you. All the way up until someone bids above your 101 bid, or until the auction ends and you win, whichever comes first. I hope that wasn't too confusing for anyone!

They have sooo much stuff, from jewelry to plants and seeds, video games to clothing and accessories, to appliances like George Foreman grills to antiques and collectibles. Some of it is used and some is new. There a lot of companies that auction things too. This is what I've got so far:
(These are all photos that the sellers provided for the listings, I haven't gotten any of them in the mail yet, but I'm sooo excited to!)

Purple Mesh Candleholder
This was the very first one I won! I had been getting sooo frustrated because I kept getting outbid at the last minute, but I was the only one who bid on this. I guess no one else saw the potential in it that I do! ;D You just wait, I've got plans for this baby.

3 Small Glass Bud Vases
I guess no one else wanted these either because I was again the sole bidder! I guess there's no accounting for taste huh? ;D I think they are gorgeous and I can't wait to get them!

Rainbow Zebra Print Shower Curtain
I found this one at the very beginning of it being listed. Someone had bid 1 credit for it. I wanted it so bad that I bid 109 for my max bid (random I know) and was the winning bidder with 2 up til today. Someone tried valiantly to outbid me (she bid 5 times, the highest being 50!) but I guess she either didn't have enough credits to bid more or didn't want it that badly because I got it for 51 credits! Hooray! I have been wanting to do a rainbow bathroom ever since we moved in (although I was going to do it in the downstairs bathroom) and now I can!

Now I'm down to 289 credits so I'm off to go through some of my old jewelry and whatever else I find to auction!

Oh and anyone who is swayed enough by this post to want to join, please use my personal link, we will both get extra credits if you do! http://www.listia.com/signup/1159602

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