A Whole New Canvas!

Day 2 in our new apartment! We are slowly (very slowly!) getting unpacked. Progress is slow because Jess is already working, and my back has been bothering me a lot lately. But we'll get there eventually!

As I unpack little by little, I can't help but picture how I'm going to decorate everything. Its a much smaller canvas than I had to work with in our townhome, but that's completely ok with me since I get to look at such a beautiful view every day! Plus it has a deck that runs the full length of the house. Jess already has visions of hanging a hammock caddy-cornered on one end, and I want a table and chairs so we can eat outside! And the beautiful thing is, there's room for both, and then some!

View of our house from the street below. That bottom deck (and bottom floor level) is all ours!

Its also going to be a challenge in that its so small, I want to utilize every bit of storage space as effectively as possible. So I'm already looking at some options to help with that as well.

There are a few other things I already know I want. A yellow shower curtain, for example, which is something I had been thinking about in our last place, and then I got here and found beautiful, plush yellow towels, and I was sold! I haven't found one I like for the space yet though, but I will. (Yes, it does have a shower curtain already, but its just clear, and I want to add our own style to the space!)

Another thing is a new comforter for our bed. Its something I've wanted for a while (I blogged about one I loved here). The sheets that were provided are a pretty pretty blue, and although they are full sheets for the full bed which we had them replace with our queen, we borrowed a couple of the pillowcases, and they look amazing with our red sheets. So much so that I started looking for a blue and red comforter to pull it all in. I fell in love with this one from Target:

Boho Boutique Mosaic Fleur from Target

It has blue and red, plus a little bit of teal and yellow and a few other colors. I'm even contemplating bringing in Sarah (who is, atm, homeless), if I can figure out how to make it work.

I'm also working on getting Feature Friday started back up, so hopefully I will have that back up and running by this Friday!

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